Sunday, March 3, 2013

Drive South...

I got this photo from my mom of my Uncle's car at the auto show.  And when I got it all I could think of was a thought that hadn't crossed my mind in years, what would it feel like to just get into that car and destination, no worries about what food I could eat on the way, no worries about how I would feel after an hour in the sun with the top down, the freedom to just drive away.  If I got in a car and just drove would I escape those feelings?  Speed ahead of this illness?

1974 Jaguar XKE
You Tube, John Hiatt, Joe Ely and Lyle Lovett

I use to have this 5 speed red Jetta that I got one too many speeding tickets in, which said above Uncle lawyered my way out of massive points and into driving school...but looking at that car, and knowing that my aunt and uncle do that just get in and drive, reminded me of when I used to enjoy that feeling too.  Maybe it's ahead of me...maybe..  Until then, Congrats Uncle Tom and keep enjoying the "drive south with the one you love..."

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