Wednesday, August 29, 2012

don't feel much like writing...

I don't feel like writing  - but the good news i have begun to think again as if i am writing - this always seems to come back when i have more space in my head to deal with real life rather than sick life.  you begin to play these head games - maybe focusing and writing about this is making me worse...but then you know the flip side doesn't work - trying to forget about it - so instead i thought i would post some pictures that always make me smile...

The box that Addison gave me the day after my birthday with a plastic heart ring

The card my friend's daughter gave me two years ago on my birthday that she picked out for me
- So i framed it and it sits on my bathroom counter

The two items that were given to me the Angel Coin from a woman named Ashely and the
Penguin from my sister before I took the boards for good luck and I passed!

Ahh the healthy days...Maid of Honor I love this photo

My grandma and I when we took her to France and our crazy trip to Lourdes
One tough Cookie

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