Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hello Summer!


I've lived in a few different states all on the West Coast; I love the rolling hills of Napa Valley and stunning Arizona sunsets, but there is something special about a Wisconsin summer. The Milwaukee area has a unique rhythm; bookended by Summerfest and State Fair. Leading up to the main events are Brewer’s games, backyard BBQs, road trips to our lakes, and if lucky a flight to a destination unknown. Whether you jam-pack your summer or spend it with a good book on a chaise lounge, don’t leave home without a homeopathic grab bag in your first aid kit. Don’t let an unexpected ailment deter your relaxing summer day.

I am a huge fan of homeopathic remedies, especially for acute scenarios. They are one of the oldest and safest medicines, based on Hahnemann’s law of similars: like cures like. The father of homeopathy stopped practicing medicine due to what he found were harmful treatments. Instead, he began translating medical texts, and Quinine poisoning caught his attention. He noticed that Quinine, the main treatment for malaria at the time, unexpectedly produced the same symptom profile as malaria itself when overdosed. With heightened curiosity, Hahneman began experimenting on anyone he could - including himself. Since many of the substances he was working with were toxic, he began the process of potentization: highly diluting and succussing the substances. Next, he created a detailed symptom profile that included physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Eventually, the Homeopathic Materia Medica was born and has been used since 1796. Queen Elizabeth the 2nd was known to never leave home or castle without her box of remedies!

To learn more, Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick and Easy Guide for the Whole Family by Robert Ullman, ND, and Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW is one of my favorite book recommendations. Remember, when in doubt, go to your local urgent care or message your doctor; the best summers are the safe ones.

Homeopathic Self Care

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only.

Homeopathic Grab Bag


bruises and injuries


insect bites, allergic reactions with swelling


food poisoning, diarrhea, anxiety, fear of thunderstorms


burning pains from sunburn to sore throats and high fevers

Carbo Veg

fainting, excess heat, clamminess


fussy, inconsolable, irritation, aka most children after a long day


sunstroke, pounding headache, confusion

Nux Vomica

overindulgence, carnival rides, excess alcohol, vomiting, nausea


stomach ache after too many cream puffs, prone to tears

Rhus Tox

rashes, poison ivy, itching

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