Monday, September 24, 2012


Beautiful day today...will write more but not feeling great - but wanted to send out this photo of the park i go to and its favorite book was Bridge to Terabithia when I was young - probably because my best friend Sara and I lived at this park - we could cut through her backyard and get there through the woods - which actually always freaked me out a bit - the bridge has been a newer addition - as if talking to me - reminding me of those days - living Terabithia with a true best friend..That time and place and quantity of seeing each other never matter - you just feel lucky that you ever bumped into them in the first place.  Though I didn't feel well today - at least i got to the park - and despite only the tiniest of walks not even making it to the bridge - we sat on our favorite bench and just took in this gorgeous fall day - I can't remember if i wrote about the connection to that book before or thought about writing about it - so i will look back and perhaps this post will have an edit or two :) But for now this is good enough - and i am happy that i can be content with that - not asking more of myself - doing the best i can in this moment in time...

So I did try and write about it before - but saved it in the draft's what was there - If you are lucky enough to have your own Terabithia - you hold on to it.  If you don't have such place, create one.  These are the places that for some inexplicable reason, you feel a sense of peace by just being there.  I didn't remember the details of the book Bridge to Terabithia, just that it was the first book that I had read that I really was drawn in and understood the gift that reading brings to escape into another world and get lost.  Looking back, those childhood books that hold a place in our memories probably say a lot about who we are even before we are looking.

After writing that now i remember - i looked up the cliff notes and remember it was about two best friends and how the one brought out the best and courage in the other...and it had a sad ending - and at that time in my life Sara was just that person for me - she opened my world in a different way - I had had best friends before - but not like this - not someone that you shared the secrets that you were often even afraid to tell yourself - that brought you out of your shell and by osmosis you seemed to blossom in their presence because they understood you - and even at such a young age when you meet these special people in your life - those that you feel some divine force brought you together - you don't forget - ahh so okay i wish i was feeling better to be more eloquent - so this is the jist for get the picture...

My Very Own Terabithia

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