Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Golden Girls

Thank you Tamika - for patiently waiting as we changed my blood script, who convinced me I could do four more tubes - for being really good at what you do and doing it with a smile and compassion - but thank you most for your reference to the Golden Girl's Chronic Fatigue episode...who knew....they always said that show was ground breaking and here it goes again - this is the You Tube montage of the best clips from the two part episode Sick and Tired...thank you for being a friend....time and time and back again...

Golden Girls

We are in good company once again, after two seconds of Google, found out that the episode was written because the creator of the show Sue Harris was at that time going through the web of figuring out she had chronic fatigue...Sue Harris

Unfortunately, 23 years after this episode, us patients still are dealing with the exact same issues.  Let's hope the tide is changing.

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