Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pick Day of the Week

I had that title in mind when last Sunday evening - but got a bit side tracked so never wrote about it.  Our weather man - Brian Gotter always has his "pick day of the week" - I love Brian Gotter and Mark Baden on the competing channel.  Brian because he manages to somehow keep the same weather interesting when the local channel decided to start a 3:30 newscast that seems never ending - so he often gets a bit punchy!  My bff Stephanie works for the other station with Mark Baden - and he is the calm weather guy that I have often watched at 3am when i get a bit nervous about a storm - and like the mailman - these weather dudes are rain or shine - sleet or snow - and on those nights I tell Steph to thank Brian for looking wide awake and composed in the middle of the night.

Back to Sunday, the best way I can describe it is free.  Its when all the normal stuff that you take for granted doesn't feel like an enormous undertaking to get through or concentrate to make sure people don't know you don't feel well.  The "putting on a good face" isn't needed - you can just be.  And its hard to understand if you don't live with this illness, but if you do you know exactly what I am trying to articulate.  I had Steph and her kids out to the pool and we just sat on the chaise lounges - the kids swam - i jumped in and swam with i was free...

Its been a bad week since that evening - but I have it in current memory and that gives me hope.  Alive and Free -


Thank you Addison! I love getting real mail - even when you live next door - Love you your Aunt Heather!

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