Saturday, October 5, 2013


Sleeping Beauty and Ariel

My mom told me the other day she went over to my sister's before they were all headed out to dinner and she was wearing a purple and black leopard raw silk scarf of mine (side note I had a scarf phase, enough said) anyways my niece commented, "aren't you fancy fancy".  My mom replied that the scarf was actually mine and she wore it to feel a bit closer to me.  My niece then began to pretend grab all the little spots, and when my mom asked what she was doing she replied, "I'm taking all of the LOVE off of it because I miss Heather too!"  

Before I left my niece gave me those little figurines in a handmade pouch to take with me.  She told me it was so I had a toy to play with while we talked on the computer.  We only did that once and instead they have found a home in my purse and I take the LOVE from them.  

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