Sunday, November 6, 2011


We were all set to head on out of Phoenix yesterday....then things changed.  Mainly, my boyfriend got a hole in one at a charity event here which qualified him for next week Sunday's million dollar chance.  Secondly, Sophie has been battling either pancreatitis of other complications from a IBS flare up, so has spent two days at the vet with IV fluids and pain meds.  So, when the hole in one went down, coupled with Sophie's less than stellar health, a generous offer from friends to stay at their condo for free - add it up and we're now her until next week Tuesday.

I was a bit unsure of the decision, homesickness setting in, tired of doctor appointments but all evidence from the universe seemed to be pointing in the direction of staying put.  My cousin had posted a funny message on Facebook regarding a heart email being sent to her 11 year old son.  So I had messaged her, wondering if she had gotten the monkey Andrea Z off her back, or had she shown up under his window holding an ipod overhead!   She laughed and appreciated the John Cusack reference.  So after getting her message, I was in a John Cusack movie mood, wishing for Serendipity, and low and behold - I turn on the E channel at 8:59 pm, and no joke 9pm - wait for it, drum roll, Serendipity was starting at 9!

Hoping this extra week, is serendipitous all the way around!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Be Fancy

When all else fails, be fancy.  I'm heading out of Phoenix tomorrow, have last treatment today until February.  Ran into a woman in the clinic who I had met last February, it was so good to see her, I had been worried about her, but didn't want to ask about her prognosis.  I felt so sick sitting in the waiting room, and she came out, and was equally happy to see me - she has an inoperable tumor of the tonsil, looking at her you would never know.  Her and her husband have re-located from Pennsylvania and are living with their daughter here in Phoenix.  Her options for traditional care were bleak, some doctors said they couldn't touch the tumor, others said they could with removing part of her jaw.  She didn't know it - but her smile lifted my spirits.  She talked about how difficult it is to choose care that is against traditional medical advice, and that you often don't get the same amount of empathy when you take a different road.    I know what she means, when you take the path that hasn't been illuminated yet, you get a lot of opinions, that you would you be better, if you just went to the "mainstream" approach.  I have tried that approach, and they have no answers.  I know a lot of the "criticism" comes from love displaced as fear, but sometimes you feel you are fighting two battles.  I don't try to convince people anymore of why I am doing the treatments I am, I have done all the research, all the options, and can only do what I think is best at this time.

The woman and I bonded over jewelry, she commented on my rings.  And I had to smile, because its my little mantra inside, when all else fails, doesn't hurt to be fancy!

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