Saturday, July 14, 2012

what a difference...

a day makes...waiting it out is always difficult but then the clouds break open and something gives - and you feel like yourself again.  What I do...didn't get out of bed yesterday, embarrassingly watched all five DVR episodes of the new Dallas this morning - did you see it Grandma? JR Lives!  My grandparents were die hard Dallas fans, I never watched it, but when I saw on the 4th they had the new season as a marathon thought it was a good idea for the back pocket for days like yesterday and this morning.  Well enough to watch something stupid, still not feeling up to reading or writing.  But at 6pm after a good dinner I felt like a new person and being a CFS'er didn't' want to take it for granted.  So I picked up the phone, to see if my friends wanted to meet me at the pool and had an hour and half of that old sweetness.  Not too humid, sun setting, dip in the pool - ahh what a difference a day can make.

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