Friday, November 25, 2022

Two of My Favorite Things

Daisy can’t decide which blanket is more comfortable!

When it comes to the winter season I have my two favorite blankets and two favorite immune support supplements. It is hard to choose a favorite! Sometimes it depends upon the day. Barefoot dreams take me through all the seasons much like Panexea AntiBioBotanical. Yet; a heavy wool blanket and Immune-T give the extra weight you may need during the cold winter nights. Which would you choose? I am happy to consult on both throws and supplements! I'm a consumer of both! And if you can't decide there are times; like Daisy suggests when you need both!

Hello; listing my two favorite supplements to have on hand as immune support for both viral and to help prevent bacterial infections. If you would like more information on either of these products or companies please don’t hesitate to call or email. (602) 300-4870. Both supplements are resting on my favorite throw; also linked (no affiliation). 

Mountain Peak Nutritionals 

Panaxea - Info on Dr. Weber  some information will be blocked if not a practitioner; however the about and further info and links can be found on Dr.Weber 

Given my personal immune status and vulnerability, I take both of these as a baseline during cold/flu season. If I feel an acute illness coming on I increase to a therapeutic dose.

Neither company can be found on Amazon or other nonmedical sites so if you see it there please buyer beware. 

Immune-T is an excellent combination of vitamins, herbals, and mushroom blend. Immune T has a higher dose of Vitamin A which is an excellent antiviral. Vitamin A like its cousin D is fat soluble; therefore it’s best to take with food. The immune-T dosage has the upper recommended dose for Vitamin A; therefore should be used with care at more than two capsules per day for an extended time period. Mountain Peak has a chronic immune formula; Immune-LT that does not have Vitamin A so can be taken safely as a preventative.

The second is one of my favorite companies Panexea; founded by Daniel Weber, PhD MSC. Dr. Weber is a prolific author, speaker, practitioner, and leader of the team that creates research-based formulas. Besides AntiBioBotancial; a broad spectrum antibacterial and antiviral formula they have added two products specifically for viruses including SARS and specifically the multi-organ system effects of COVID-19. Panexea is an Australian company whose products are held to pharmaceutical standards.

Finally, my favorite leopard print throw - which is a toss-up to the wool blanket. I coveted this Barefoot Dreams blanket for years before I  purchased it and then was gifted a second one! It’s a splurge item that I haven't regretted; it feels like a warm hug. I just checked they are having a sale! Hurry that doesn’t come often. Barefoot Dreams. The other throw shown above where Daisy can’t decide was one of my favorite Christmas Gifts.  Unfortunately, that pattern is no longer available; however, a good wool blanket will last you a lifetime. Wool makes a huge difference in warmth so you can turn down the heat and get tucked in for the night! Wishing you all sweet dreams and a Happy Post-Thanksgiving weekend. 

Disclaimer: The Information in this post is for general informational purposes only. Please contact your personal medical provider when making any changes to your health routine. Always use caution when pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are suffering from a fever, difficulty breathing, or continued cough please see your doctor immediately to rule out more serious conditions. As always; be safe and in the best health. Heather 

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