Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Today is the second #MillionsMissing day of protest and awareness for CFS/ME.  My hands are trembling as I write this post.  As I said to a sufferer's mother last night -I am just too tired to be both advocate and patient.  So I am going to choose one.  Advocate for others when I can't feel I have the energy to do it for myself.  Isn't that often the case…we can push for others when we can not do for ourselves.  How can you help…you can go to www.millionsmissing.org and they will walk you through.

And you can put your shoes outside, take a photo with #MillionsMissing and post to any or all social media accounts you have.  If I have ever missed something of yours - I never wanted to.

I miss you.  I miss me.  I miss everything it meant to live in a body that was healthy - Freedom.


  1. Thanks for posting this, I will check out the site (again). We really need advocates who are healthy! Fingers crossed this campaign makes a difference. We're due.


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