Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I haven't really laughed, big old belly laugh in awhile, well frankly I can't remember when I have.  I have smiled, enjoyed people's company, chuckled, I did however today, tears in all when I received this email...

First, a bit of back story...I had a Bosch fancy dancy front loader washer and dryer and long story short it was the worst.  It lies to keeps clothes soaking wet with no spin only takes days to do laundry.  So before I returned from Phoenix I asked my parents to please get rid of it and get me the most back to basic washer and dryer possible and they graciously obliged.

Part two, my aunt was determined that this sleek pretty looking set would be fantastic in her laundry room....luckily they still have the old ones in the garage...I may even have to dig up the old previous emails dedicated to this oh so expensive awful thank you for my belly laugh today, for two minutes it all slipped away.

Bosch Accords Signed this Week

"Local grandmother, (my aunt), has signed peace accords with the German chancellor and the Bosch laundry ambassador. She stated that she had come to terms with the dryer, although she made it clear before signing the documents that several cycles were unusable. The German chancellor expressed encouragement regarding the ongoing peace talks stating that they were making efforts to address Mrs. Kelly's repeated demands, regarding the issue with spin cycles of the wash machine. Although the German chancellor sounded optimistic, Mrs. K reiterated that no further peace accords would be signed, until rug spinning issues were identified and resolved."

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