Monday, October 29, 2012

Wonder Woman

Some weeks you just need to channel your inner wonder woman.  When I was younger I had my ritual of getting transformed from a mild mannered six year old to the fabulous Wonder Woman.  I would put on my mom's opaque beige nylons that reached up to my armpits, my light blue swimsuit that had yellow and pink horizontal stripes - which actually looked nothing like her costume - and of course the tin foil bracelets.

I have known many Wonder Women throughout my life and am thankful for them all.  Sometimes all it takes is a few extra bracelets and you are on your way.

Adult version of Tin Foil

Even Linda Carter hasn't given up on the power held in one's wrist....

Here's to the final push - Week 4 before heading home for a break....and a new niece or nephew... I hope you wait until I get there; however my sister swimming in pre-birth hormonal hell hopes you would have arrived yesterday so either way is fine by me.

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