Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Day one was actually monday, so today - day 2 is tuesday - just a bit of "house-keeping".  Well - the adrenaline of being able to fly and get kind of settled - and get a treatment caught up with me today - so had a colorpuncture treatment only and lots of fluids and rest today.  I made it through the difficult part with flying colors but it has caught up with me today - i told my doctor today that i was constantly on the verge of tears - like it finally hit me again - i'm sick.  not kind of sick or sometimes sick - but just plain sick - and when it all comes crashing in like today it takes a lot of mental energy to remind myself that today is so bad because yesterday was so good - like they say about earthquakes - sometimes the after shocks cause just as much harm.  Will put a link to colorpuncture because i am too tired to write about it - but i love it - its calming and effective.  Secondly shout out to my friend Jami who put up with a very short - not so pleasant person today as i was struggling to keep from losing it - it seemed that took all of my energy - just get through one moment at a time.  That's it for now - here are a few pics - thank you dear sophie for never leaving my side.   Information on Colorpuncture

Day Two 

My loyal companion

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  1. It's not a huge surprise I guess after that travel (move). I'm so hoping you see major improvement while there. It's so nice that you can actually stay there for a while rather than have to travel for this treatment. In the mean time, rest up and I hope you rebound quickly.


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