Saturday, September 15, 2012


I am too tired to write much - but I thought I would add a little cheer - and what better than a new little baby!  I was so excited to feel well enough to head over to my sister's and meet Chloe - my cousin Katie's third addition to their family.  I wanted to write a longer version of my roommates past - but am too tired to do it justice today - so i will only add quickly that there never was a better roommate - some that were tied - like Katie's brother - but when Katie and I lived together on Belleview in the upper flat that the owner let us paint and the claw foot tub - there are too many good memories to begin to count - so i will just say - Katie is one of those people that you want at your party - her joy and fun are contagious - and i will always treasure those late nights with our favorite Black Opal red wine and the Einstein's coffees that we were convinced were laced with something because they made us crazy....she lives in Chicago now, and I hate that I have yet to make the trip down - and would love nothing more if they moved a bit north - but I will just have to savor the moments we have - and feel so lucky all the memories we have shared...introducing sweet little Chloe -
Addison loving Chloe

George, Addison, Chloe and Me! Happiness

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