Sunday, May 27, 2012


There is a constant struggle with this illness to justify oneself.  In today's world we all want answers to our questions, solutions to our problems all of which we want quickly - this illness is one of those medical situations that there currently is no consensus on treatment and even the diagnostic criteria has changed over the last twenty years.  These factors make the following story all the more important - to have a hero like Louis Zamperini go so far as to give one of his Purple Hearts to the author of his story, Laura Hillenbrand a 30 year suffer from Chronic Fatigue, words can not describe how this gesture helps legitimize our collective struggle - especially those of us who feel that this illness has limited our voices and our impact on the world around us.

Here is the video from CBS Sunday Morning's profile of these two heroes among us...

Sophie looking a bit glum - I concur

The title alone says it all - can you come out the other side - unbroken...
Here are images of my day today...

Memorial Day Weekend - Roses in Bloom

Here was my list for today...
1. Empty Dishwasher - check
2. Load Dishwasher - check
3. Write something - anything - check
4. Shower - pending
5. Make bed - check
6. Eat - check
7. Write thank you's for birthday gifts - pending

This is just the reality of a the ebb and flow - and I am grateful that there is even a list I can manage to check off -

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