Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Room with a View

No blood treatment today, not strong enough - etc.  I had a hydrotherapy and then colorpuncture treatment  - which I will someday explain.  Got back to the house and was physically beat.  I hurt everywhere and after dinner went straight to my bedroom here in Phoenix.  As usual, my first thought was, damn I love my sheets.  They're not Frette but they are sure close and I am so grateful that my mom brought them.  The second thing I thought was - wow - I am ready to go home, but I will sure miss this view.  While I have a beautiful comfortable home back in tree lined Elm Grove - I do not have this western view.  If I was here in the summer, it would be a punishing heat - but January til April it has been heaven on earth.  And while I lie in bed, Sophie at feet I feel so lucky to take in this site....

This was a few nights ago....

And my pretty flowers...

I have four appointments left before I head back home, and the last few days I have been anxious to "get it all in" and take advantage of being here.  But today, as I left, I told my doctor I have realized that   whatever I have done or completed - it is enough.  She had earlier told me how proud she was of me, that I couldn't have tried harder, stuck it out tougher and we have made significant progress - forest through the trees - you sometimes need someone to see it for you, and eventually you may believe.
And when you don't believe yourself, let the burden of faith and hope and love be carried by someone else.

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