Thursday, February 23, 2012

A to Z...

You ever feel like throwing something - i'm in the mood to smash a bunch of plates - but considering they're not my plates i better reconsider.  I thought of this because i heard a funny story yesterday about someone's boss being so angry she threw a frame across the room - and it cracked me up - such a visceral childish act - but it gets the point instead of throwing plates i am going to throw some words - A to Z style...last night i was laying in bed with my window to the world these two "stars" were so bright and one exactly on top of the other...they were mesmerizing - turns out they were venus and mercury.  It gave me such a sense of calm and today when i woke up i felt better than i had in weeks.  Then it all came crashing down because I got a breakfast sandwich and it had a bit of avocado on it - and despite picking it off, the english muffin must have shared the cutting board because within minutes of eating it, my lip started to swell a bit and my throat was all itchy - and i wanted to throw some plates - because i finally wasn't' exhausted - but soon was face down in bed from the 2 Benadryls i took -

so here we go...if there was a noise affect imagine porcelain crashing

A - Avocado, Allergies -
B - Bananas
C - Carrots
D - Damn it Damn it
E - Exhausted
F - well, you can guess
G - Give me a "F"ing break
H - Humor needed
I -  Irate
J - Jack ass
K - Kicking and screaming
L - Laughing
M- Mercury
N - Never  - give up
O - Optimism
P- Pessimism
Q - Quiet
R- Rest
S - Swimming
T- Too much
V- Venus
W - When
X - X-
Y - Y -
Z - Z -

Nothing like screaming X, Y, and Z
But i will focus on N -
And Mercury and Venus...its a big big have to look hard to see - in the darkness you find light

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