Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is the "Blood Treatment" I have referred to

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or Photoluminescence Therapy
Written by Cheryl M. Deroin, NMD
The wavelength of light used in photoluminescence treatments, wavelength C, corresponds to the wavelength of light from the sun that is known for its healing properties.  Dr. Gurwitsch, who researched photo-biology in the 1930’s, demonstrated that body tissues gave off tiny emanations of light in different wavelengths, all in the ultraviolet spectrum.  It has also been found that the blood of people who suffer from chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis give off much more light than the blood of healthy people.  However, those who are sick have an internal deficiency of ultraviolet light.  The cells of those who are chronically ill are not able to transmit their synthesized light inward due to cellular disturbances.

Ultraviolet light has been used in this country since the 1930’s, and in other countries much longer to combat bloodstream infection.  The benefits are much greater than the simple destruction of bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances.  Because only 200 ml of blood are taken out and passed through the UV light, about 1/25th of the body’s supply of blood, there is no direct destruction of foreign substances, but rather it is the effect of the light in the chemical energies of all cells which creates the strong response in the body.

Photoluminescence corrects cellular imbalance in the blood.  One such method of correction is the normalization of white blood cells, whereby high levels will decrease and low levels will increase.  Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) tends to build red blood cells in cases of anemia.  It also enhances the removal of fat from the liver, which if left untreated can cause elevated triglycerides and cholesterol.  UBI can increase cell permeability and is very effective in stimulating the immune system by enhancing the body’s own ability to produce antibodies.

One of the most significant aspects of UBI is that it increases oxygen levels in the blood.  Oxygen deficiency blocks the basic physiological oxidation processes in the body which can cause fermentation of sugars leading to abnormal cell growth and blockages in the vessels.  Research done as early as 1925 demonstrated the increase in venous blood oxygen levels after photoluminescence that accumulates in the body with repeated treatments.

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