Friday, October 26, 2012

Against the Ropes

My intention was to keep everyone posted daily on how treatments have been going.  However, right now I am eating some new odd obsession - and have one thought in mind - that I can get downstairs and make myself some breakfast without calling for that will sum it up the last week I have surrendered to using every available resource I have here in Phoenix - and the loving encouraging words I have been sent from back home.  My back has been against the ropes so many times this week that its hard to imagine how I am going to push ahead....but then there is this amazing voice that whispers in my ear that you are an athlete in training - pushing beyond your limits and you will come out of this better than you went in....that voice forcing me to hear that I am so strong - that they are so proud - and anyone that thought that I don't "exercise" well - what I am doing makes training for a marathon look like a walk in the park...and I could not do this without that voice....and so there it is - there is much more to the story than a girl who got sick and is fighting her way back...much more..but for now she is eating raisins and gathering the energy to get downstairs and make some breakfast so she can get back in the ring.

As if the referee just sounded the bell...I get a text from my dear friend asking if i need her to come over and make me breakfast...surrendering to love...yes the answer is yes.  There is a stillness in being on this side of this illness - and in the quiet everything that doesn't matter just slowly slips away and everything that does well it becomes loud and clear.

Needed this at the doctor on Wednesday...

Flowers for the Gratitude and Gratefulness I have for my Doctor

Sucking down Raisins and Juice getting ready for Treatment
My Good Luck Elephant

My Disneyland...Made it last night first time in 3 weeks

Balcony View - our Palm that is growing on me despite breaking the foundation in the porch 

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