Friday, November 2, 2012

Heading home..

Today is my last appointment after four weeks of treatments.  If you would have asked me a year ago if I could have stayed in Phoenix by myself while dealing with this I would have looked at you like you lost your mind...but I did it.  I had immense help from my family, providing me with a gorgeous condo here, my friends taking me to appointments, making me breakfast - lunch and sometimes dinner, my friends at home supporting me via text or calls, Kristine who is the most efficient and kind "helper" you could ask for - and of course my doctor.

I woke up this morning and for once didn't have immense anxiety about flying and this will be the first time in four years that I have traveled alone.  I feel stronger and happier than I can remember, and I am only anxious about what will come when I return to the cold climate.  One day at a time my friend, one day at a time.

That above is courtesy of Kristine's immense organizational skills....

When I woke up this morning I checked Facebook to see my friend Sandy's amazing sunrise photos that she has been doing for almost a year....this was sunrise over Lake Michigan this morning, not a bad place to go home to.  

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