Saturday, December 29, 2012

teaspoon of sugar...

 My sister watched Mary Poppins so many times that our VCR tape finally broke; I couldn't have been more relieved.  Especially the depressing scene with the feed the bird song even as a young child I saw the pain in that song.  However, wouldn't it be nice if a teaspoon of sugar would solve all of our problems.  Perhaps it makes the medicine go down, if only medicine could fix all of our ills.

dancing penguins...

This holiday has been leaps and bounds of progress but like Mary Poppins it felt a bit like jumping into the chalk drawings that offer a temporary escape and then reality comes back and you realize you have made strides but there is a long way to go.  I am so grateful that this year I was so much better than last, but it is always hard when all of a sudden you can't really get out of bed and you close your eyes and wish you could jump through sidewalk drawings in the street and stay a bit longer.  Or just take that big carpet bag with everything you needed and fly away.


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