Friday, November 16, 2012

Out of Comfort Zone

I am honestly overwhelmed with the outpouring of emails and support I have received in the last twelve hours.  For once, I am truly speechless.  This illness started with intense focus on all it has taken away and I have done everything in my power to try and see all that it has given.  Many days that has seemed impossible but days like today, when I took the leap of faith and doses of encouragement to come out of hiding in writing this blog...well days like today all I see is how blessed I am.  Don't be fooled, when I kick it to the curb there will be no greater feeling, but for now the gratitude that I have for all of you that have decided to join - well there are no words.  Just Thank You.

"Much like the Phoenix bird which rose from its own ashes, the Sprites of Midway Gardens were resurrected from their demise and given to the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa as gifts. Now called the Biltmore Sprites, the Sprites of Midway Gardens were in a sense the lost children of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and sculptor Alfonso Iannelli."

I was trying to find a picture to convey the feelings I had today and went through my phone and chose this one of the Sprites at the Arizona Biltmore.  I had no idea why, but they seemed to convey the gratitude that I can't seem to express with words.  And I thought it odd, so I did a bit of research on them and found the following article...Rescued and Found their Way Home and how serendipitous; just like these Sprites, I have felt damaged, broken and often lost and at the same time watched over and rescued time and time again.  When I head back to Phoenix, and I walk through the Biltmore grounds and glance at these Sprites it will be with a new found sense of solidarity of our shared journey.  I will look at them and smile reminding myself that someone is looking out for us even when its hard to believe and they will help us find our way back home.

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