Wednesday, December 19, 2012


You writing about me???

I was a little scared two nights ago.  It was well after midnight, I hadn't been able to sleep, not been feeling well and have trepidation as always if I will head out of Phoenix feeling better than I came.  And then someone said to me, "where is Sophie?" and I said that she's "lying right up against my legs..." and suddenly I didn't feel so overwhelmed anymore.  I get more comments than anything regarding this loveable and very intuitive dog.  For example, in the mornings if I am not feeling well, even if I go downstairs to get juice she will not follow me.  When I am in bed and in a bad place and someone comes to help and take her outside I need to physically remove her because she won't leave.  And now, she has begun to brighten up the days at my appointments, often accompanying me to them.

I said I was concerned about being in Phoenix alone for the first time, well alone couldn't have been further from the truth.  I have an amazing group of people helping me and though difficult to have others constantly in your space; I have learned to find a way to become more comfortable feeling sick while others are around me.  I am lucky that I am leaving on a high note, this MORNING, I actually ran an errand before my appointment.  I can not tell you how monumental that is, normally getting out of the house at 1pm for my 1:30 pm appointment takes everything in me.  I am grateful after many ups and downs I appear to be returning to snowy Milwaukee for the Holidays on an up swing.

Here is some pics for all you Sophie lovers of my baby right by my side. xo H.

Looking for Dr. D

Hmm...still waiting

Hanging While I Rest

Laying Down keeping me company with IV

I will not move...

Yep I am sitting as close as possible...know we've had a long day!

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