Wednesday, October 17, 2012

going 10 rounds

well the bell rung and i went to my corner and i was beat - didn't think i could do it.  back to back blood treatments yesterday and today and my body wants and craves them but today was hard - my vein just did not want to give it up so lots of arm adjusting slowly pushing all the while my eyes were closed and i just kept breathing - talking to my doctor about nothing and everything as i pushed through - knowing this is it - this could finally be my time - in naturopathic medicine and i think all medicine you can give whatever your poison is ....but at the end of the day its how does your body at this moment in time swallow the pill?  so my body seems to push and push and want more and more - i think it is ready - something seems to be giving and i am so grateful and tonight more exhausted than i can remember- i don't hurt - i just want sleep - sleeping beauty kiss me to wake me up prince charming - because otherwise i am going to dreamland... i am tired and grateful and hopeful - i even turned my phone off and if you know me or my family that's about as likely as me jumping off a high dive...always a first....

and as i have said before but it always bears repeating - to my sweet cousin Dana who checked in with me and the emails i have gotten and texts of encouragement - they mean everything - again asking for help or saying you need the help is hard but it reaps many rewards...back in the ring tomorrow - watch your back tyson i am coming for you jab jab and now its time to retreat -

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