Monday, February 13, 2012


we are all just little fish swimming up stream - gasping against the current - the current is strong, the obstacles many - like the salmon we swim with all our might - while the river will attempt to crush you - never ever give up the sea is within your reach.

the following video is difficult to watch - and quite frankly scared the hell out of me but only re-enforced that i although my treatments are unconventional - i am blessed to be getting them - i recently re-read some of julie's posts and the following George Herbert quote was in the comment section - None knows another's burden - isn't that the truth - so my wish to anyone is may they find the strength they have - the support they need - and the understanding they deserve.

please watch and send healing thoughts this man's way

on a lighter not i just accidentally hit some button that replaced my post with another i wrote, and couldn't retrieve what i originally wrote and i can't figure out how to get rid of the above background color -- that i find quite distracting - and get to the default - seriously i bet a five year old could figure this out - time for bed

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