Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mon coeur appartient Nice

I wrote this original post in September of 2015.  Addendum: When I am asked if I was well tomorrow there are two answers big and little picture.  Little - just dinner with friends with no conditions, waking without needing help, the everyday list is long.  But then after the escape to normalcy, my answer never waivers: I would go straight to the airport and buy a ticket for Nice.  I have never traveled anywhere that felt more like home than my original home than the South of France.  My heart belongs to Nice.  My heart weeps for it's people. 

I was watching an old friend on TV…the friend being a show..Felicity…and it made me think of all the things I miss being sick…and then this amazing thought came to mind…everything I miss is because of everything I have had..and how in the world could I ever being anything but joyous from missing so much…Nice, France…we will meet again ..

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