Friday, February 24, 2012

A little sex...

In the City that is! okay - while i was getting my blood treatment today and gabbing away to distract myself - both my doctor and my fellow neighboring patient commented on how funny i am...i'm no stand up - that would be my cousin Jack - but I do have a pretty good sense of humor - they were saying i should be writing about my take on camping - and i told them i have a hard time conveying humor in my writing - so i will try to work on that.

i have a post that i began this morning as my eyes were both swollen, and rash on my face - lingering effects of avocado gate - and my body was once again craving my blood treatment - in my gut i just new it was what would bring me some relief - and sure enough it didn't disappoint.

so when i got back here, i was ready to go the pool - by the time i walked over i was out of breathe - it only took a few minutes to recover - and since its quite warm her in phoenix today i didn't waste much time getting into the water.  after about my sixth lap someone else got in and was swimming next to me - and i couldn't help but think...hmm he looks a lot like Chris Noth - and after the second time of us being at the same end of the pool - i blurted - "do you just look a lot like Chris Noth or are you Chris Noth" and he politely responded - "I am Chris Noth" - then i said "You do really good work" - "He said thanks" and we went on swimming.  After, as he was on a lounge chair reading a script i was worried that if it shows up where he is that he might think I tweeted it - i should of assured him - no i might just mention you on my blog...

I won't lie - it gave me a little extra kick!  It was that out of the ordinary moment that added to an already much better day than yesterday - i've heard stories of individuals that have lived with alcoholics and one of the worst parts about it is the unpredictability of that person - walking on egg shells never knowing who you may get - just like those awful experiments they do with mice - where if they are shocked at a predictable interval they can handle it, but if its random it drives them crazy - (thinking way back to psych 101) but the point being there is an element of that to this illness - yesterday this tiny bit of avocado through my system into chaos - and today i'm swimming with Mr. Big!  (this one's for you nerd) - I'll take today.

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