Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Made it

Falling Asleep

Last night as my head hit the pillow at 9:30pm all I thought to myself was, "you made it."  As simple as that, the morning that found yourself so tired you shook, so hungry you were nauseous, so weak you had no idea how you would get through the day, you did.  I even was able to modify the back to school shopping with my friends daughter to turn into dinner at my house, movie and what better idea than to introduce and 8 year old to the joys of online shopping.  My mom had made some pasta with meat sauce and I had broccoli and luckily some cheese to add to the top for Kate.  Kate was chit chatting and asked me if I when I was little did I have names picked out for children I might have one day.  I thought about it and said, "no, actually I never did that...maybe that was a clue that I really never was going to have children." She proceeded to tell me that she wanted three girls, named, Hope, Faith and Skylar, I commented those were very good names.  As I pulled her dinner out of the microwave, I turned to her and said, "well, I can feed a child guess I wouldn't have been all that bad as a parent." She laughed, one of the few 8 year olds I know that would get the sarcasm.

We proceeded to eat and select a movie, I was vetoed by the 1972 Rescuers and we ordered Epic.  Then I made one of those oh so helpful brownie boxes and we "shopped."  Her dad and brother and baby sister came over about an hour and a half later and we finished the movie and he drove her home. As they left, I cleaned up the kitchen, took a shower, and got into bed and those words ran through my mind like a ticker made it.  I also felt an odd sense of belonging, thinking of how many other people were going to bed with the exact same thought.

I was trying to find a good "sleeping" photo and googled "head pillow"
and found this...made me laugh...seriously...

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