Thursday, January 17, 2013

small victories...

I just clipped my finger nails.  Yep, that's it.  That's all I got folks, but they have been driving me crazy for about a week and today this afternoon I finally had the energy to find the nail clippers and accomplish what feels like a monumental task.  This reactive airway disease thing is a real pain in the ass.  Just like the rest of my body, my lungs like to over react to an illness, so while I am improving little things make me even more tired than before.  So I didn't file, I didn't push down my cuticles, heck I didn't even put on some lotion...but today it's all about the small victories.  Sometimes that's all we have and it has to be enough.  My friend sent me this great quote that she heard in a yoga class..."just because we are struggling doesn't mean we are failing."  I hear that and feel it loud and clear; because I am struggling.  And until that quote and text I felt like I have been failing too, thinking I should be stronger, more positive, better - just a better version of what I am right now.  I am struggling, but with friends like that how could I possibly fail.

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